Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Zoya Nail Polish in Marnie Swatches and First Look Video from the Transitional Naturel Deux (2) Collection


Your first look at the new Zoya Nail Polish in Marnie!

The Zoya Nail Polish Transitional Naturel Deux (2) collection brings you six full-coverage cream nudes in deeper natural hues. Perfect neutrals for the Fall season, the collection consists of 3 shades the fall into the brown family and 3 shades in the plum family.
Here is your first look at Zoya Nail Polish in Marnie
a deep warm plum cream who's name was inspired by a blogger friend who's followers reached out to us to have a polish named after her! Flawlessly opaque in 2 coats. - See more at: http://blog.zoya.com/Moment/Transitional+Naturel+Deux+(2)+Collection+-+Zoya+Nail+Polish+in+Marnie+Swatches+and+First+Look+Video/?Moment=2604#sthash.BMbcmYmc.dpuf

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