Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring Nail Trend to Try- "The Petal" with Zoya


Spring has SPRUNG! We loved the runway nail look from the Rolando Santana SS14 show, so we've re-created 18 different ways for you to play around with! It's a super easy nail art to try; just start with a base and then swipe your top color on the side! The pretty-petal style not only looks cute, it elongates your nails, giving the illusion of longer, leaner fingers.

Clockwise from 12:00...
Zoya Jacqueline + Zoya Pippa
Zoya Jacqueline + Zoya Beatrix (PixieDust)
Zoya Jacqueline + Zoya Normani
Zoya Neely + Zoya Blu
Zoya Neely + Zoya Dillon
Zoya Neely + Zoya Tomoko (PixieDust)
Zoya Blu + Zoya Charla
Zoya Blu + Zoya Vega (Magical PixieDust)
Zoya Blu + Zoya Cosmo (Magical PixieDust)
Zoya Heather + Zoya Hudson
Zoya Heather + Zoya Pippa
Zoya Heather + Zoya Jolie
Zoya Dot + Zoya Lux (Magical PixieDust)
Zoya  Dot + Zoya Zuza
Zoya Dot + Zoya Stevie (PixieDust)
Zoya Avery + Zoya Cole
Zoya Avery + Zoya Godiva (PixieDust)
Zoya Avery + Zoya Jolie

What are your favorite color combinations for this look? Tell us below! Find more great shades to create your own petal look at

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