Monday, January 6, 2014

Zoya PixieDust for the Girl on the Go!

Pictured: Zoya PixieDust in Sunshine, Carter and Chita

Perfectly Polished Girl on the Go

We all have been there, that moment when our crush calls us to grab a quick bite or our girlfriends want to make last minute plans and the panic sets in. Is our hair washed? Check. Can we get away with our 5-min. makeup routine? Check. Are our favorite leggings washed? Check. "Phew" you think. I can be ready in 20 min. no prob! So you say yes and then all of a sudden you look down and gasp! NAKED MANI. The panic sets in and you rush over to your polish stash and then you breathe  sigh of relief and think, Zoya PixieDust to the rescue!

No base coat or top coat needed and Zoya PixieDust is sure to make a statement! This nail polish is the perfect "go-to" when you are in a time crunch. The textured matte and sparkling polish dies almost instantly and with an array of hues to choose from, the girl on the go will never be without her best accessory (her mani obvi) again.


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Taylor Kidd said...

Nyx is my go to polish when I am running short on time! Dries so fast and looks so good!