Thursday, January 16, 2014

Royal PixieDust with The Nail Polish Challenge

Image via The Nail Polish Challenge

Captivating Carter with Zoya Nail Polish

Hello gorgeous! Textured nail polish is still a hot trend and Zoya PixieDust Nail Polish in Carter proves why. She can be best described as a royal purple with a strong magenta sparkling, matte and textured finish and is stunning! Blogger The Nail Polish Challenge has some lovely swatches of this pretty PixieDust as well as a macro shot to show off how much Carter shines! 
"I can't believe I never owned a PixieDust before this! I feel like I have been missing out - this polish caught the light so beautifully, and there is so much depth to it."- The Nail Polish Challenge
Zoya PixieDust is great for accent nails if you don't want every finger textured!
Want to try the textured trend? See all of the Zoya PixieDust shades here and watch the How To Apply PixieDust video to have perfect tips every time. 


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Kelli from The Nail Polish Challenge said...

OMG! Thanks for the feature <3 I am so obsessed with Carter. You guys have been rocking it with gorgeous colors lately!!