Monday, January 27, 2014

Fashion Faux Pas or Fashion Forward?

Break the rules...we dare you!

Any smart girl knows rules are made to be broken. We break down the biggest fashion faux pas and show you how to break the rules with your mani and start your own trends.

Black and Navy don’t go together
a.    Um what? What other color shoe would you wear with your favorite navy dress? Exactly. So here we show you how to get the look using Zoya Nail Polish in Raven paired with Zoya Nail Polish in Neve and Zoya Nail Polish in Sailor

Never mix patterns
a.    Pairing stripes and polka dots is the new….everything. We show you here how to take it slow and start with your mani. If you are too afraid to take the plunge and pair floral leggings with your favorite striped peplum top, try a monotone look using Zoya Nail Polish in Audrina and Zoya Nail Polish in Shelby.

No White After Labor Day
Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day? Not us! Haven't you ever heard of "Winter Whites"?! We give everyone the green light to wear white this winter season especially on your nails! Your favorite nail polish lacquer has some top white hues for you to work into your winter wardrobe.  Zoya Nail Polish in Purity is the perfect pure white to rock any time!

Never mix your metals (gold and silver)
a.    Well as much as we wish we could have a wedding ring that we could change with our outfits every day, we don’t.  So instead, we mix our metals and we mix ALL of them. That’s right rose gold with gold, AND silver oh my! Try metal shades such as Zoya Nail Polish in Goldie, Zoya Nail Polish in Penny, and Zoya Nail Polish in Trixie - and mix it up!

Black and Brown don’t match
a.    So, what we’re hearing is the two most classic colors will clash with each other? Nonsense. A brown touch to anything black can soften up the look. Two great shades to pair together are Zoya Nail Polish in Dea and Zoya Nail Polish in Raven.


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