Friday, December 13, 2013

Zoya Remove+: No Glitter Nail Polish Hangovers Here!

Prevent Glittery Nail Polish hangovers with Zoya Remove +... 

It's that season again - Glitter Season - it's everywhere and by that we mean everywhere (like sand in a swimsuit - arghhh). But don't let that keep you away from a season of glittering beauties for your nails - like the totally gorgeous, glitter glam holiday cranberry color Zoya Nail Polish in Blaze! Add the best nail polish remover in the beauty biz to your glam routine for a season of amazing color without fearing a glittery next day walk of shame. 

Head to the purple power, cure-all Queen of nail polish removers - award-winning, Zoya Remove + for the ultimate quick and easy removal of even the most stubborn of glitters. The spill-proof cap makes single handed operation a perfect option for speedy glitter manicure color removal and nail cleaning plus, it preps the nail surface for optimal wear of your next holiday nail polish extravaganza!
Lucky Magazine:

Zoya Nail Polish in Blaze
Beauty Tip: There is no need to rub and scrub your delicate nail surface to remove glitter nail polish easily. Simply press a flat cotton pad (above: suggests using a piece of felt with Zoya Remove +), soaked in remover, to the nail for several seconds - adjust time as needed to allow remover to fully permeate all nail polish layers. Don't rub (rubbing will just allow the glitter the freedom to distribute itself onto skin - leaving you to deal with a major glitter mess - eeek). Trust us - when polish is thoroughly interfused by remover, it will cling to the pad and slip easily off of the nail. Finish by giving a final once over to all nails to remove any remaining product. The end result will be perfectly clean (and ready to polish again) nail surface.


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