Friday, December 6, 2013

Zoya for Rolando Santana - Princess Polish

 Inspiration with Zoya Reyzis

What's more fun than an event with manis, cupcakes and bubbly? We can think of one thing - if the founder of Zoya Nail Polish, Zoya Reyzis was there! Zoya recently visited New York City for an event with fashion designer, Rolando Santana to display the "Alegre" collection that was custom made by Zoya Nail Polish for New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014. Beauty Blogger, Princess Polish was one of the lucky guests to attend the event and was inspired by what Zoya shared. Want to learn a few fun facts about Zoya Reyzis? Princess Polish has the scoop!

"Zoya is a classically trained pianist who considers dead composers such as Bach and Chopin (her current favorites, which change constantly) to be amongst her best friends and confidantes. She didn't care that the government took her passport from her when she left, but that they took her diploma from the Moscow Conservatory, which she had studied and trained tirelessly to earn." - Princess Polish"
She recognized that most nail technicians aren't just of one profession. Rather, they are friends, confidantes, and psychiatrists. "Oh, the things women would tell me," Zoya said with a slight laugh. "One woman told me she was having an affair with a friend's husband. She was one of my clients, too, and I was always afraid one day, I might slip!" - Princess Polish

Learn more about the event Zoya Nail Polish co-hosted with Rolando Santana here. GIVEAWAY ALERT! Want to enter Princess Polish's contest, learn more about the event and learn how Zoya Reyzis inspired attendees? Read the full post here.


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Good morning guys! Thanks for all the flash promos and for being so involved in social media-it really sets you apart. I started doing my nails last year after my 3rd boy was born and I realized I need some girly stuff in my life! I used to make custom cakes for people but have now channeled that into my nail art. I will be relaunching my blog in the new year and you guys are a brand I will be featuring a lot! So get ready to hear from me! If any room opens up in your blogger network I would love to showcase new collections and create original designs using those collections! Please check out my Instagram as that's where all my current work is! I'm under Jen AggiesDoItBetter and my blog is Thanks for the time to read this and have a great Christmas!
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