Friday, December 6, 2013

T's & F's of the Impatient Fairy

What is Taking so Long?

No but seriously, what is taking you so long?! You know what I'm talking about, you're in line at your favorite burrito joint and the line hasn't moved. You're one person away from saying "bowl" or "burrito" and you can taste the cilantro in the rice but the person in front of you is having a hard time deciding if they want rice or not. Like how hard is it? You either want rice or you don't. Then comes the sour cream and if the "burritoista" (we just made it up so go with it) doesn't load you with the perfect ratio of burrito to sour cream you're going to make them put an extra scoop right? So I guess you enjoy a soppy burrito/bowl, fine, but just say it from the get go - like "extra sour cream please" before the first pour.

It's just like being in line at your favorite drive-thru and the person in front seems to be ordering one of everything and then you see that they are only handed ONE bag. ONE. Like is that real life?!

Do you know the feeling? We can't be alone in this.

Impatient Stacy


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