Saturday, December 14, 2013

Nailing an Interview with Zoya

Burlington County Times Interview with Zoya Reyzis

Columnist and blogger, Judy Rusk shares with the Burlington County Times her experience speaking Zoya Nail Polish Founder, Zoya Reyzis. During the interview, Zoya explained that she doesn't view herself as a celebrity like most of the people in the beauty world do, and that there is no artist without an audience, which is exactly what she sees in herself. 

Rusk looked back at the interview to some of her favorite quotes from Zoya Reyzis

“Be free. Fingernail polish doesn’t have to match your toes.”
“Polish can show what’s going on in our lives. People see our hands as much as they see our face."
Nail polish reflects economical situations.”
And my personal favorite quote from Reyzis? She said this as she talked about respecting the consumer, and being only as important as the people who support you: 
 “Don’t assume people are stupid.”
Read the entire article by Judy Rusk here.


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