Monday, November 11, 2013

Zoya MatteVelvet Nail Polish Redux on All Lacquered Up

Nail Polish Blogger extraordinaire, All Lacquered Up hails the reissue of Zoya MATTEVELVET colors!

"With matte nails making a huge comeback this fall, it’s no surprise that Zoya is digging into their nail polish archives to resurrect the Zoya MatteVelvet lacquers...  - All Lacquered Up

Lucky for all, ALU re-posted her lovely swatches of the returning Zoya MatteVelvets; Dovima (black matte nail polish), Posh (red matte nail polish), Savita (purple matte nail polish) and Veruschuka (green matte nail polish).

Each reissue Zoya MatteVelvet shade is shipped in deluxe black gift box. A Zoya MatteVelvet Jewels trio set; containing Posh, Savita and Veruschuka is also available. Order online now at special pre-order only pricing on Hurry - Supplies are limited!

Special note... If you are new to matte formulations, the issue of drying times and basecoats was addressed in ALU's original Zoya MatteVelvet posting by Leo Reyzis, Art of Beauty VP.

"The film properties of matte formulas are not consistent with the properties of regular polish therefore when one gets applied over the other there is a different rate of drying which causes distortions in the surface tensions of both films, best seen as ridges and valleys that will form on the polish surface (as well infinitely endless drying time). If a basecoat is still desired you must wait for base to dry completely for matte formulas to be applied on top. This may help extend wear however the surface must be completely dry and residue free prior to applying matte formula."  

Zoya GetEven - Ridge Filling BaseCoat is a good choice for use as a matte nail polish base coat.


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