Friday, November 1, 2013

Zoya Fairy T's & F's...

Deep Thoughts by a Zoya Fairy

First off let us introduce to you "T's & F's". From now on we will be posting random thoughts and feelings (hence "T's & F's") of a Zoya Fairy. So without further adieu today's T's & F's...

Zoya Nail Polish in Darcy - looks like an egg huh?
We need it, we crave it and unfortunately there's never enough time for it. Bacon (turkey version optional), eggs with a side of pancakes and maple syrup drizzled/poured over all of it, sausage, hash-browns and a big glass of orange juice to wash it all down...whoa okay *wipe drool from mouth*. Unfortunately like many of you, the Fairies have been grabbing their measly on-the-fly breakfasts that consist of a frozen bagel, a yogurt or oatmeal. After all, you need time to polish your nails (priorities ladies).

Earlier this week one of our Twitter followers tagged us in a BuzzFeed post about breakfast tacos. As I read the post the growls in my tummy got louder and louder. As I looked around the office I realized that it was 9:55am and all the Fairies had the same look in their eyes: HUNGER!! We simultaneously attacked the office stash of M&M's and started planning our lunch!

Sound familiar????

So we will leave you with today's T's & F's about breakfast: What you are having, what's your favorite breakfast and when are you bringing us some????????? (we get here at 9am EST k? thanks).

That is all. Nothing else. 



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