Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Turkey Nail Art with Zoya

We are thankful for Zoya Nail Polish!

Thanksgiving is in a couple days, which means it's time to spend time with family and indulge in all of that amazing food! Impress your guests with a super cute turkey accent nail! 

Get The Look:

1. Start prepping your nails with Remove +

3. Choose a base color for the rest of your nails. We chose Zoya Nail Polish in Pepper with 2 coats! Leave your accent nail bare and use 2 coats of Zoya Nail Polish in Purity as the base.

4. Using a dotting tool or tip of a ballpoint pen, dip into Zoya Nail Polish in Louise. Make a bigger bottom circle for the Turkey's body, and then a smaller top circle for the head. Let Dry

5. With the dotting tool, dip into a red like Zoya Nail Polish in Carmen, swipe a feather shape on both sides of the turkey's body.

6. Repeat this step using an orange like Zoya Nail Polish in Arizona, a brown like Zoya Nail Polish in Flynn, and finally, finish the feathers with one more red.

7. Again with the dotting tool, make two eyes and a small beak!

8. Once the turkey has dried, make him shine with Zoya Armor Top Coat!

That's it! Eat well, and enjoy the day of Thanks! (with awesome nails)


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