Monday, November 18, 2013

The Nail Scoop from Talk Stoop - NBC4 New York

Talk Stoop Nail Scoop

Have you watched Talk Stoop? Have you noticed great style and beautiful nail polish on the stoop? Of course you have!

That's because the incredible styling (Claudine DeSola) and makeup talents (Valerie Star) of Caravan Stylist Studio prepare host Cat Greenleaf for every episode of this popular NBC4 - New York interview series.

As a Caravan studio partner - Zoya is happy to provide nail polish for each episode.

NBC4NewYork - Talk Stoop with the beautiful Keri Russell.

On each episode of Talk Stoop, Cat Greenleaf delivers an interesting setting for interviews as a variety of celebrities and people of interest stop by Cat's own Brooklyn, NY stoop for a cup of joe and 4 minutes or so of interesting stoop chat. 
Talk Stoop interview with Sons of Anarchy visionary Kurt Sutter Faye. Cat is wearing Zoya Nail Polish in Faye.

...And of course, every talk show needs a sidekick (or two). Talk Stoop co-hosts, Gracie and Walter, often add to the fun. Rumor has it that Gracie has started her own Talk Stoop Dog Gracie tumbler detailing life from her view of things on the stoop.

With Actor, Patrick Stewart. Cat is wearing Zoya PixieDust in Chyna.
So keep an eye on Cat's nails - and get the Nail Scoop from the Stoop from each interview via Zoya Nail Polish

Follow @TalkStoopNBC, @CaravanStudio and @ZoyaNailPolish on Instagram and Twitter and keep an eye out for #MugShotMonday shots direct from the stoop itself!

Not in New York? Not a problem, NBC 4 has a dedicated Talk Stoop tab on it's site allowing everyone to get the latest scoop from the stoop.


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