Saturday, November 30, 2013

Goldfish Kiss and Zoya Nail Polish

Image via Goldfish Kiss

Beach-Themed Nails

Just because it's almost winter, doesn't mean we can't enjoy the beach!. What do we like to do when we want to pretend to have thr warm sun beating down our back? Head to Goldfish Kiss where blogger Rebekah Steen is livin' the life and showing off her creativity in so many ways. Her most recent post, a coral themed mani using Zoya PixieDust in Dhara with an accent of Zoya Nail Polish in Flynn (left). 

Check out her tropical nail-look below - because what's a day at the beach without an amazing pedi? Zoya Nail Polish in Neve and tiny pineapples with Zoya Nail Polish in Flynn (below). She gives a full how-to on the look here.

"The pineapple. A symbol of hospitality, warmth, and kindness. It’s also my favorite fruit to eat, even though it’s a total beeyotch to cut up.
So, I figured…time to make some warm, hospitable, and tasty piƱa toes." - Rebekah Steen
Image via Goldfish Kiss
We know what you're thinking. Life's a beach!  Make your own tropical nail art in the midst of fall/winter with more shades from the Zoya Fall Collections!


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Kellie M said...

I'm not seeing pineapples...I see grapes. Maybe it is the purple color...maybe it is the dots...I dunno but I def see grapes lol. Cute no matter which fruit it is...and yummy too.