Friday, October 18, 2013

Zoya Nail Polish Fall PixieDust Reviews

Textures of Fall Nail Polish

Fall is in the air, and so are more Fall Zoya PixieDust swatches and reviews! Beauty Bloggers, The DIY Lady and The Polished Cousins show off the sparkling textured shades in all of their glory.

 "Tomoko really needs a video to show off its true beauty! It's like watching bubbles rise to the top in a flute of champagne and the result is breathtaking. Truly a polish worthy of a special event! I used three coats here only because I smudged one nail and had to apply another coat and I wanted them all to match but two were just fine." - The Polished Cousins

"When I got these beauties, I was elated and swatched them immediately! I have also worn them a couple of times and I totally have nothing bad to say. That is why I'm saying this in the beginning so as to avoid repeating myself. I LOVE this Collection so so very much!" - The DIY Lady

Check out the entire Zoya PixieDust Fall Collection and see the How-to apply Zoya PixieDust video for the best results!


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