Thursday, August 29, 2013

Zoya PixieDust - To Coat or Not to Coat!

A Zoya PixieDust Comparison by Vanity Rouge

One of the most frequently asked questions about the textured, matte and sparkling Zoya PixieDust formula is, "why shouldn't you use a base and/or top coat?" The answer, is simple. A top and base coat affects how the finish looks once it dries. Vanity Rouge compares what Zoya PixieDust in Stevie looks like WITHOUT a base and top coat, WITH a base coat, and WITH a top coat. So, why do we recommend you steer clear of the base and top coats when using this textured lacquer? 

Here's why: The Zoya PixieDust textured formula naturally adheres to the nail bed, because the glitter settles in the lacquer base. It fills any ridges & creates a strong bond between the polish and surface of the nail bed - this is why it is so long lasting! When you use a basecoat in particular, you do not get this settling because you are layering the polish over a smooth surface.

"I used two coats of Stevie in the above photos and the first nail shows no topcoat and no basecoat.  For the topcoat nail I had to use two coats of a thick shiny topcoat (the first one was sucked up a bit by the texture of the PixieDust)." - Vanity Rouge

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To get the best results, watch the How-To Apply Zoya PixieDust video. Love how Zoya Nail Polish in Stevie looks? Check out the entire selection of Zoya PixieDust collection shades!


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