Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nylon Magazine's Artist-Inspired Manicure Features Zoya Nail Polish

Nylon Magazine puts the emphasis on "art" for this nail art feature in the April 2013 issue. Art-inspired manis were created based on the painting techniques of well-know artists. Zoya Nail Polish played a part in the creation of this awesome Jackson Pollock drip/splatter style manicure!

"Pro How-To: Paint a base of light army green, then drip small amounts of orange, yellow, black, and white, making sure they're different shapes and sizes to get the splatter effect."    
Zoya Nail Polish in Jancyn is the beautiful orange used to create this work of (nail) art. 

Jackson Pollock is an American painter, well-known for his unique style of drip painting - a technique that makes for some seriously cool manicures!


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