Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Irresistible by Zoya Nail Polish - Top Blogger Reviews and Swatches

Irresistible Collection by Zoya Nail Polish: Top Beauty and Nail Polish Blogger Reviews and Swatches

The latest Zoya nail polish swatches are being showcased... find your favorite Zoya Irresistible Nail Polish Collection Summer 2013 colors with a little help from our blogging friends! 

Work Play Polish: Zoya Irresistible Review & Swatches
"As I mentioned – if you know Ziv, then you can imagine the combination of foil, shimmer, sparkle and glitter of the Irresistible shades. Here’s a quick bottle shot comparison of Kerry and Ziv." Work Play Polish 

Vampy Varnish - Zoya Irresistible Review & Swatches
"If you are looking for some super summery bright shades that cover completely with just two coats, look no further! I wasn’t completely convinced these would be two-coaters at first because every one was a little thin with just one coat. But then after two coats they were all pretty perfect and opaque. They (Zoya Irresistible Collection Colors) dry fairly quickly because of the metallic finish." Vampy Varnish

 See Set in Lacquer for full product review
"The (Zoya Irresistible Nail Polish) formula was amazing as they applied flawlessly. The flecks rested flat against the nail and provided a multi-dimensional look. I didn't use a ridge filling base coat for these swatches and they level nicely. I almost always use a ridge filler even when I am swatching because I have such visible ridges." Set in Lacquer
Swatches of Zoya Nail Polish Irresistible Collection by Tanja's Bride.
"Phew, I love me some metallic foils, and these really were true to their name: Irresistible! All of them are stunning colors and will look great on any skin tone, in my opinion." Tanja's Bride


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