Wednesday, April 17, 2013

InStyle Magazine Best Beauty Buys Features Zoya Remove Plus!

Get (rid of) more for your money... 

Does the thought of removing glitter nail polish and dark or pigmented hues give you nightmares? Then Zoya Remove+ is for YOU! See the award winning 3-in-1 formula featured on InStyle Magazine as a Best Bargain Beauty Buy!

"We love dark nail polishes, but not the stains they leave behind. This strong elixir restores nails to their bare essence." - InStyle Magazine

Zoya Remove+ Nail Polish Remover not only acts as a nail polish remover - it also preps and conditions the nail plate, leaving a clean and moisturized base for guaranteed extended polish wear. 


1 comment:

Jessika Mrsmorphosis said...

This is indeed a great remover, and I LOVE ZOYA, however, it's far from a "bargain;" let's be honest about that! :) I go through this remover faster than my other brand and I don't even use it as often as I use the other one (which costs about $3-$4 for a 16 oz bottle). I quite literally only occasionaly use it to prepare my nails for polishing and for removing Pixie Dust - sometimes. $10 for an eight-oz bottle that disappears quickly with infrequent use doesn't scream "bargain" to me - so sorry!