Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Top Nail Polish Bloggers Get PixieDusted!

Swatches and reviews of the textured, matte and sparkling
Zoya Pixie
Dust Collection
have been flying

"Godiva is a soft nude with the silver matte sparkle that you will see in this entire collection. This is an unexpected love for me, I love how it is a neutral with a twist- so if you want to try this finish, but don't like wearing funky colors, this was made for you. Shown is three thin coats." - Lawless Lacquer

Click here to see the entire review and full set of swatches from Lawless Lacquer


"I love them, truly! I am totally down with a textured finish. I’ve been hoping for a few years that companies would start doing something other than just plain glitter. It doesn’t bother me that they aren’t completely smooth to the touch, as most glitter polishes aren’t either." - Vampy Varnish 

 Click here for the entire review and swatches from Vampy Varnish.


"Zoya describes Chyna as: "a red dazzle with a sugared sparkle."  I LOVE this color!!  Chyna is sooo gorgeous!!!  It has so much depth!  It's stunning and it's my favorite of the PixieDust Collection" - Captivating Claws

Click here for the entire review and full set of swatches from Captivating Claws.

"As I said, application is different than I’m used to. Typically with dense glitters, I use thicker coats…my goal is to suspend the glitter in the base for a shiny smooth finish. With PixieDust, you want to reveal the glitter instead. So the thinner the coats the better. This will allow the glitter to “stick out” from the base, which gives it that textured finish." - work / play / polish

Click here for the entire review and full set of swatches from work / play / polish.



Kekeisalon said...

Awesome nail paint... Nails are looking so gorgeous and bright.
Nail Salon in Fenway

mfzmou said...

I love matte nails too. Illamasqua have some with this kind of finish. As others have mentioned though the best product for this is a matte top coat so you can make any shade have this finish, I must invest!
Matte nail polish