Friday, January 11, 2013

Refinery29 Features Zoya Nail Polish in Logan

All Eyes on Emerald!

Ever since Pantone announced Emerald as Color of the Year for 2013, the evergreen hue has been in the spotlight. Refinery29 recommends introducing this shade into your beauty routine - even for Spring - with Zoya Nail Polish in Logan!

"We think this underrated hue deserves way more attention that it usually gets. Dark green is infinitely sexy without being expected or played out, not to mention the fact it looks amazing on skin of all shades. Fortunately, the beauty world has heeded the siren call of all things evergreen and released a slew of new products in every variation of green you can think of. We're excited to start playing around with these lush and luxe tones" - Refinery29 

For the entire selection of emerald and green nail polish colors, visit the Green Nail Polish by Zoya page.

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