Monday, January 14, 2013

Blogger Swatches of the Spring 2013 Lovely Collection!

Beauty Bloggers are showing the Spring 2013 Zoya Lovely Collection some MAJOR swatch love!

See below for a great set of Spring 2013
swatches in a variety of different skin tones...

"Overall the shimmers go on thin, almost sheer, but they build up quite nicely. Like I said earlier, they remind me lip glosses due to their translucent feel. You could wear them as a gloss by applying only 1 coat or make them opaque in 3 coats. Sometimes I don't like to do 3 coats, but they dried very quickly, so they were not problematic. The cremes also applied great and were able to go on with only 2 coats, except Neely which required 3 thin coats. Overall it's a cute set and the shimmers are hands down my favorites.

See the full set of Zoya Lovely swatches from Enamel Girl here

"I can't remember if I used two or three coats for Neely, but the formula was awesome. This is my second favorite, I'm just loving these spring cremes!"
See the full review and swatches from Samarium's Swatches here.

"Piaf is a yellow mustard-esque shimmery metallic. This is definitely not a very common yellow, and happily it works on my skin tone! This had a really nice formula; creamy and good coverage with just two coats. It’s kind of unusual, and my favorite one in this collection."

See the entire review and full set of swatches from Vampy Varnish here

"Jacqueline, 3 coats: pale almond creme.  This color is warm, but it's pale enough that it should flatter multiple skin tones.  It's the perfect "palate-cleanser" after wearing loud holiday polishes.  I really love how clean and polished this looks.  Formula-wise, it was the same as Blu: thin, but easy to apply."
See additional swatches and the entire review from Liquid Jelly here


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