Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nail the Look - Double French Manicure with Polka Dots!

This week, very special international guests from our Distributor in Japan are visiting the Art of Beauty headquarters. Along with discussing international nail trends, one of Japan's top nail artists (so exciting!) demonstrated a fun nail look (shown above) that women might get when going to a nail salon in Japan. This look was created using a neutral base with Zoya Nail Polish in Kennedy, a double French tip with Zoya Natty and Zoya Electra, and polka dots with Zoya Trixie.

See step-by-step instructions on how to get the look below, and stay tuned
for more designs and nail art ideas that were shared!

Apply two coats of a Nude Nail Polish base like Zoya Kennedy (Manicurist wearing Zoya Toni & Natty + Ziv Tips!)
Add a French Tip in any shade - Here Zoya Nail Polish in Natty was used.
Choose a glitter shade like Zoya Electra for a the second French Tip line.
The addition of a few polka dot accent nails on each hand makes for a very playful look!
Finish with Armor Topcoat & Fast-Dry Drops and...
Voila - A fun, glamorous french manicure look is created!


CaTh said...

What is the color on the tip of the nail from the girl who apply the nail polish ? (the gold one)

Art of Beauty (makers of Qtica and Zoya) said...

It is Zoya Nail Polish in Ziv! The base color is Zoya Toni and Zoya Natty.