Thursday, January 5, 2012

MSN Lifestyle: Zoya Nail Polish Spring 2012

Behold Zoya's Spring 2012 Nail Polish Colors... MSN lifestyle Simply Chic Coverage

The Zoya True and Fleck Effect Nail Polish Colors - piece was picked up on MSN's Simply Chic yesterday - yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! We love the coverage this incredible new group of color is generating. You know what we always say....

Zoya is the new color of Fashion!
MSN screen capture shown


♥beauxs mom said...

how exciting!

Elizabeth said...

Very awesome!! I recommended Zoya to many of my friends and family now! After years of using regular chemical-laden polishes, which I had NO idea were so harmful - I happily made the switch! I honestly have much better, longer lasting results with Zoya polishes too. I've done peoples' nails for them with several shades and ALWAYS get great feedback! I just placed another order. Trying out "Trixie" and "Jolene" and picked up a bottle of nail base. Can't wait to see them! Love you guys!!!