Thursday, August 25, 2011

Zoya Nail Polish - Back to School Polish!

Back to School Nail Color by Zoya Nail Polish!

With the end of August comes the inevitable rush to primp and prep for the journey back to school. Back to teachers, here come the books, out the classroom window, longing looks. Fortunately, it’s easy to go back to school in style this year, no matter what the personal style, with Zoya Nail Polish.

The Prepster
For the girl who is never too far from her crisp navy slacks or plaid skirt, white blouse, and signature hair band, there is an equally preppy nail color to be found in Zoya’s Jana, from the new for fall Smoke collection. A rich, creamy, opaque putty mauve, Jana is as cool as Blair’s gaze as she stares down an outsider. Pair the polish with a matching purse and shoes for a preppy uniform that is all chic.    

Trendy Girl
The trendy girl is at the height of fashion, from the crown of her silky mane to the soles of her pristine leather studded flats. She is the girl that is going places and making a statement wherever she goes, and for her the perfect nail polish choice is deep, cool inky blue a la Zoya Nail Polish in Cynthia. With just the right amount of teal splashed into an otherwise blackened shade of deep blue, Cynthia is as much an eye catcher as the girl that dares to wear her.

All Natural Girl
For the girl who prefers to let her hair down, who is most comfortable in worn sneakers, soft jeans, and even softer sweaters, there is something beautiful in  a clean nail look, achieved with a simple coat of clear, shiny, Zoya Anchor Base Coat on clean, buffed nails. Fortunately, this is a look that is friendly for natural girls, savvy guys, and those who may not be allowed to wear nail color regularly.

No matter the look, the personality, the individual, there is a Zoya Nail Polish shade to ensure that every student goes back to school in style.

Zoya is the new color of fashion! 

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