Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Smoky Nail: Fall 2011

Smoky Looks for Clothes, Eyes and NAILS! 

Fall is not a time, but the time for textures, patterns, and most importantly, rich, super-saturated color. As the temperatures on the thermometer start to fall, so too do the color temperatures and gradients of fall’s color palette drop, too. In short, fall is all about the cool, the sultry, and the deliriously smoky beauty, nail, and fashion looks... The Smoky Nail Polish trend has arrived! 

If the scene on the runways this past Fall Fashion Week were any indication, the beauty and fashion republic can expect a resurgence of the intense, the outlandish, and most importantly, the dramatic, gritty, industrialized looks that we all know and love.

Backstage at Bibhu Mohapatra, the look was all Dark Romanticism, with sumptuous fabrics, blacker than black eyes, and a dark yet whimsical textured beehive updo. With this maximum impact beauty look, and racks upon racks of textured, structured, richly hued clothing pieces, it was a smoky nail that adorned model’s digits, finishing the look in a most poetic way. At Bibhu’s show, glam and grit came together, using Zoya Nail Polish’s Kelly, a rich dark gray, on the nails.  

A smoky nail is exactly what it sounds like, a nail polish application that utilizes rich, dark, hazy shades to create a nail polish look that is all drama, all the time. Not just for models on the runway, you too can strut your stuff with fall’s hottest look, the smoky nail. Dark, hazy, and even a little bit dangerous, a manicure completed with Zoya’s Nail Polish in Codie, or Petra, Zoya Kelly's moodier sister (from the Smoke and Mirrors Collection Fall 2011) is your hot ticket to the sizzling, smoky nail trend. It’s all about maximum impact and minimal effort, and Zoya Nail Polish surely gets it done. 

Armed with the hottest shades, and the hottest nail trend for fall, you too can do your own thing on the (imaginary) catwalk. With Zoya Nail Polish, you’ll be so sexy it hurts*. (*Not really, you will be sexy, it will not hurt.)

Zoya is the new color of fashion! 


DesertNails8 said...

"With Zoya Nail Polish, you’ll be so sexy it hurts*. (*Not really, you will be sexy, it will not hurt.) "

You all are cracking me up!! LOL

Linda said...

I wish the temps would start dropping here in Fl, 115 today with the heat index, holy crap!!!! I really wish I lived back up north, I miss the Fall, it was my favorite season of the year. And Petra & Kelly are "both" on my wish list. I got both the color spoons to check them out, and I LUV them both!!!!!!

thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

Still waiting for the temps to drop in Texas too. We could use some rain. IT got up to at least 105 degrees today.