Thursday, August 18, 2011

Red Nail Polish - By Zoya!

Red Nail Polish - By Zoya Nail Polish

Super sexy and unabashedly sultry, nothing excites, captivates and intrigues more than sizzling red. With just the crook of one red polished finger, or the pouting of crimson lips, a fiery siren’s signal will surely bring any boy or man to her world*. (metaphorically speaking, of course!) So what is it about the color red, and more specifically red nail polish that is just so sexy?

Red equates to love and passion, full of fire and sizzling, steamy heat. The color of energy, motion, excitement, and danger, red is the shade that draws the eye’s intent gaze first, and ultimately keeps it there for moments on end. It is a color full of raw power and sexual energy, that when wielded by an alluring female has the ability to create a lasting impact. It is also a color that is best used in small doses, for maximum effect. On the hand red is and will always be just perfect!

Red nail polish, especially a warm, bright red provides that perfect subtle pop of fire power against an otherwise neutral color palette. There is just something so powerful and sexy in the quick flash of fiery crimson on a delicately painted, feminine hand. Something that excites and titillates, that makes your pupils dilate ever so slightly, and makes your heart beat just a little bit faster. It’s no wonder red is one of the most popular nail polish shades around.

Once you’ve decided the look you are going for, which red to choose? With over 80 different shades- from fire engine, to merlot- Zoya Nail Polish has the perfect finish, the perfect shade, and the perfect amount of pigmentation to boldy color your nails that perfect shade of crimson. For a look that is all sex appeal our pick is Kimmy, a bold, vibrant, metallic candy apple shade that’s every bit as naughty, as it nice.  Or go with the most classic shade of all, Zoya Carmen, it's our best-selling red nail polish for a reason.
Zoya Isla, Sooki and Valentina are all excellent choices as well. Prowl the Zoya Red Nail Polish page to find your perfect red nail polish!
Sultry, powerful, and even a little bit naughty, red nails are always a fashion do. No matter the hue, Zoya has a red that’s right for you.

Zoya is the new color of fashion!

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Kate said...

I LOVE red nail polish! I wish I could try/test every single red that Zoya makes! Here I go again to oogle at the Zoya collection of reds...