Monday, August 15, 2011

Mirror mirror, on the wall - Krasey Beautiful Reviews the Zoya Mirrors Collection

Blogger Krasey Beautiful Finds Poetry in the Zoya Mirrors Collection!

"Mirror mirror, on the wall, what’s new and awesome from Zoya for fall?”
The mirror shimmered to life, and immediately a voice rang out.
Famed are the collections, these fairies concoct
Shades of the season, so unique, you’ll be shocked
New for the season, six shades so bold
Rich, smoked metallics, that’ll never  get old
This collection was created in my likeness it’s true
Zoya’s Mirrors collection is one you’ll really get into
Hopped up on excitement, and a bit too much caffeine, our intrepid beauty blogger continued to prod
“Magic mirror, your soliloquy rocks. Tell me more about this collection that will knock off my socks!”(Kraseybeauty)

You have to love all star blogger Adina from Krasey Beautiful for her ability to write a colorful tale!(Well, for many other reasons too!) Her fabulous swatches and review of the Zoya Mirrors collection is online now. Read the whole color fairy tale here.  

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