Thursday, August 11, 2011

Going Nude with Zoya Nail Polish

Going Nude with Zoya Nail Polish

It’s getting hot out there, so take off all your bright polishes. This summer, it’s all about the soft, the subtle, the universally flattering nude nail trend, and Zoya Nail Polish has it with the Touch Collection. This season, wear the trend and find your perfect nude nail polish in Minka, Shay, or Pandora.

It goes without saying that polite society frowns upon nakedness, but that’s not the case when nails are the nudists in question. The yin to a bright, breezy fabric’s yang, the peanut butter to a dramatic, smoky makeup look’s jelly, nuded nails serve to act as both balance and compliment to whatever clothing or makeup choice you put it up against. Make that nude nail polish slightly metallic, and baring all becomes both brilliant, and wearable.
Achieving the perfect shade of nude nail polish is much easier than you think. To take it all off, first you have to put it on. Take a look at your skin, and determine if you are predominantly cool, warm, or neutral. Once you have the 411 on your skin’s natural coloring, finding your perfect nude in Zoya’s Touch Collection is a snap. Pandora’s cool nude with blue undertones looks great on those of the chillier skin-tone, while Shay’s light peach makes it a truly universal nude with neutral to slightly warm reddish undertones. Warming up the nude nail party is Minka, with warm yellow undertones that looks hot (literally) on the warm skin-toned folks. Three shades, three new nude options, all found in Zoya’s Touch Collection, designed to help anyone take it all off (their nails) with ease.  

Zoya is the new color of fashion!

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