Friday, July 22, 2011

Zoya Nail Polish - Nail Trend - Accent Nail Color!

Zoya Nail Polish - Accent Nail Polish Trend!

Fresh Off the Runway and On to Your Nails!

Freshen up your nail look with an accent nail. The accent nail trend began on the runways of NYFW and has made its way to everyday wear.  The example above is from the Guishem Fall 2011 presentation. They accented the rich purple cream nail polish, Zoya Lael with the gold metallic nail polish, Zoya Goldie. The result was an elegant nail look that is easy to wear.

Trying this look is easy! All you have to do is pick two complimentary Zoya Nail Polish colors. Decide which color will be the base and which will be the accent color. Paint four nails on each hand the base color leaving one nail for the accent color. The accent nail is typically the index or ring finger. The possibilities for this nail look are endless. Mix and match finishes and colors. Accent a blue cream nail polish with a yellow nail polish for perfect beach time look. We suggest using Zoya Breezi and accenting with Zoya Pippa! Looking for a more subtle accented nail look? Try using a pink cream polish accented with any of Zoya's glittering pink nail polishes on the ring finger. Zoya Nail Polish has over 300 fashion shades to choose from! Find your perfect combination on

Zoya is the new color of fashion!


c1d1v3a4 said...

Seems like a rip off from Drop Dead Diva to me.

Chase said...

I'll leave this to the runways! Neat idea, but I think it would drive me nuts! :P

Ryan said...

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