Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nude nail polish is the latest trend and Zoya has it!

More reviews on the three new nude nail polish colors of the Zoya Nail Polish Touch Collection (Zoya Minka, Zoya Shay and Zoya Pandora)... proving that "less really is more" sometimes!

"I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite of these because all three of them are really cool,
and they're coming out just in time for my renewed love of shimmers."

"Overall, I like this collection..."

"They really deliver on the promise of  full coverage nude(s)"

"This collection delivers something for everyone, and unlike most nude polish colors on the market these polishes have a lot of opacity. Less is more, and in a sea of brightly colored polishes sometimes it's nice to opt for a more subdued look."

It's not about finding a perfect match to your skin tone but rather about finding the one that coordinates. Our color experts logged many hours creating the perfect full-coverage nude nail polish shades! Since then we've found that most people can wear one of the three new nudes in the Zoya Touch collection no matter what!
Zoya Nail Polish

"You know what? They're (Zoya Nail Polish) right!"

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