Friday, March 25, 2011

Great Nail Polish Reviews for Zoya's Summer 2011 Collections

Nail Polish Reviews for Zoya on the new Sunshine and Summertime Summer Collections!

Zoya Nail Polish released new collections last week and the blogger reviews have started rolling in. See below for links to some of beauties best bloggers and their swatches/input on all the new Zoya collections for Summer 2011...

"This half of the collection (Zoya Sunshine) is definitely reminiscent of last year's Sparkle collection, I think the colors are beautiful, and even though I'm usually a diehard creme finish lover, the sparkle polishes take the cake in this collection, one hundred percent."
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See the Temptalia Video here (includes Zoya ModMattes too)...

"The six shades (of Zoya Summertime) are a little reminiscent of last year’s Flash collection, but upon a closer look, they aren’t very similar."
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"...The stand-out colors are Breezi and Kieko in my book."
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"The formula on these was great. Smooth and consistent, not too thick or thin and no difference in formula
across the whole set. Opacity was great, too."

"All of these colors are so glowy. They're luminous. I really like how they look like they're glowing when you're wearing them. The colors are bright and cheery, and the cheeriness is only amplified by all that golden glow."
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"Let’s get down to brass tacks. Microglitter is one of my favorite nail polish finishes, and no one does it like Zoya."

Karla Sugar

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