Monday, February 28, 2011

Zoya Nail Polish, NYFW Fall 2011: Joy Cioci

Zoya Nail Polish: NYFW Fall 2011, Joy Cioci

Fall 2011 Recap: Joy Cioci
Date: 02/16/2011 
Zoya Nail Polish: Zoya Caitlin and Zoya Dove
Haven Spa for Zoya 
The Joy Cioci presentation was full of soft light looks that were effortlessly beautiful! Joy Cioci looked to the Haven for Zoya Nail Polish team to manicure models nails in the custom nail design using Zoya Caitlin tipped with the soft grey Zoya Dove which complimented the shows looks. 

Each nail was cleaned and prepped with Zoya Remove + from the Zoya Color Lock System, prior to applying a base coat of Zoya Anchor, two coats of Zoya Caitlin and then tipped with one coat of Zoya Dove and an ultra glossy top coat of Zoya Armor. Everything dried quickly with a few drops of Zoya Fast Drops.

Video courtesy of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

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