Friday, August 27, 2010

Zoya Spooning Confessions - 1

Not sure where this is coming from...

Zoya cuties can't keep their paws off the nail polish

Manicurist Jackie Saulsbery just sent us the cutest pic from an event she did in Malibu, CA
Look at the perfect little Zoya Nail Polish puppies!!! They can't keep their cute little paws off of the good stuff.
Get your paws on your favorite color at
Photo: Jackie Saulsbery

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Project Runway and Zoya Nail Polish are a match made in Heaven!

Tonight is the night that Valerie will win a Project Runway Challenge!!! Hopefully. We can't predict the future but we do know we will be watching Project Runway tonight at 9pm EST on Lifetime and that this episode is probably going to filled with DRAMA because they are working in teams.

 *Heidi Klum  Project Runway, Project Runway Contestants and Bravo TV are not affiliated with Zoya. This is not an attempt to imply their endorsement of Zoya. Image for entertainment purposes only.

Move over Purple/Grey Polish

Beauty and The Dirt is a UK based beauty blog and after seeing the Zoya Wonderful Collection for Fall 2010 they don't think the predicted trend of purple/grey is correct instead they believe Zoya Nail Polish in Shawn is where it is at!
"Zoya is just the latest brand to introduce a khaki shade (Shawn) in their autumn/winter colour collection, Wonderful."

We have a hard time picking one of the colors that is our favorite.....they are all just so beautiful! 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Zoya Nail Polish is a Rachel Zoe Pick

Today on The Zoe Report, super stylist Rachel Zoe has picked her 20 Transitional Trends under $250 and Zoya Nail Polish in Sophie made the list!!!

Rachel says, " Love 'Sophie' by Zoya as a transition to deep reds for fall...bonus points for the shade having the same name as my niece :)"  We also heard from a reliable source that she is wearing Zoya Sophie right now (We die!!!)

Zoya Nail Polish is Wedding Perfect

In the past two weeks Zoya Nail Polish has shown up in two wedding articles...first The Wedding Girls  picked Zoya Nail Polish in Barbie as a perfect pink shade and now Zoya has been featured in Sydney Bride!

Sydney Bride featured the Zoya Color Lock System (perfect for manicures and pedicures) and two Zoya Nail Polishes. There is not one perfect shade for all weddings - it is completely up to the bride. Zoya Nail Polish offers over 300 shades and there is one for everyone. If you are having trouble picking out the right shade for you here are some wedding trends and Zoya colors to match!

You can go Classic with subtle shades such as Zoya Nail Polish in Erin, Zoya Nail Polish in Tasha, Zoya Nail Polish in Charlize, Zoya Nail Polish in Miley, or Zoya Nail Polish in Madison.

Fun and Flirty is another option. This is trend is mostly pastels and few bright creams. Perfect shades are Zoya Nail Polish in Elodie, Zoya Nail Polish in Lo, Zoya Nail Polish in Jessika, Zoya Nail Polish in Lulu, or Zoya Nail Polish in Malia.

For those of you who want to be go a bit deeper you should be looking at Bolder Cream shades. Zoya Nail Polish in Cola, Zoya Nail Polish in Kelly (one hot color for this Fall) Zoya Nail Polish in Sasha, Zoya Nail Polish in Coco, or Zoya Nail Polish in Sofia will definitely give your nails some deep attitude.

Remember ladies, Zoya Nail Color for Brides is a must!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rachel Zoe Time

It's that time of week again!! The Rachel Zoe Project Time! Tonight a new episode airs on Bravo at 10pm EST and happening this episode is Rachel goes to a Michael Kors show and its hers and Roger's anniversary!

p.s the above color is Zoya Nail Polish in Kym.

*The Rachel Zoe Project and it's stars are not affiliated with Zoya. This is not an attempt to imply their endorsement of Zoya. Image for entertainment purposes only.

Salon Spotlight: Glamour Salon

Today we bring you a breathtaking salon in Kuwait: Glamour Salon!
Glamour Salon is owned by famous makeup artist to the stars, Abeer Al-Yaseen. We love Glamour for two major reasons - they carry Zoya Nail Polish and It is a super posh salon!
Glamour Salon provides such services as nails, hair, skin care, body treatments, massages, and has private bridal suites.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mary J Blige names Zoya Nail Polish as a favorite beauty indulgence

Chart topping, Grammy winning superstar, Mary J. Blige, lets InStyle readers know what she is thinking in this months "On my mind" magazine feature. Yep, you guessed it, lovely Mary J. is big fan of Zoya Nail Polish and we have to say that we feel the same. We've heard it through the grapevine for awhile now that she loves our color and wears it often but we didn't know until now just how much she liked us. Thanks Mary J. We have to admit - we are feeling the much love back for you.

Zoya Remove + in the September issue of InStyle Magazine

InStyle Magazine knows a great beauty deal when they see it, so it's no wonder they picked up on the budget sized 2 oz dose of the best nail polish remover in the world Zoya Remove + to feature in the coveted September issue. A little goes a long, long, long - beautiful way. Top Manicurist and salon owner Jin Soon raves about it... "one cotton ball soaked in this remover take off polish completely - no need to double dip". If you want something even bigger and better - step up to the 8 oz Zoya Remove + Big Flipper - the ultimate nail polish remover buddy! And if you are totally in love with it - load up on our 32 oz refill at and always be InStyle!