Friday, June 4, 2010

Zoya hangs at the St. Regis with fashion designer Jason Wu and manicurist Amber Stores!

Zoya Nail Polish was happy to be the nail color of choice by manicurist Amber Stores at Jason Wu.

Earlier today (June 4, 2010) Jason presented his Resort 2011 Collection at The St. Regis Hotel in New York City. To compliment the carefree resort looks, Jason selected Zoya's Piper, a pretty soft pink nail polish with a hint mauve and tan undertones along with a few custom polish blends.

Stylelist was also there - see more show coverage here.

Images courtesy of Clarissa Morales (Pure Model Management)

At Zoya being nude is nothing to be shy about!

Naked is beautiful at Zoya Nail Polish. Think about it, just as a nude shoe elongates the leg and amps up sex appeal, a manicured nude nail extends the hand to make fingers looks longer, youthful and lovely. Zoya Nail Polish has a huge selection of full coverage (not sheer) nudes, which are always in style and a huge fashion trend right now (mannequin hands). The secret to the look is finding the nude nail polish that perfectly matches your unique skin. Below are a few all class and no flash color suggestions from the nail polish experts at Zoya.
  Zoya Gretchen(would look great on Penelope Cruz )  -This is a light, milky brown that has a slight pink undertone. A soft earthy color that goes extremely well with fair and deep skin tones.

Zoya Helen(would look great on Lady Gaga) -A light nude with peach undertones

image from here

Zoya Amanda(would look great on Angelina Jolie)- This is one mauve nude. It contains pink, brown, and peach muted under tones.

Zoya Flowie(would look great on Amanda Seyfried) -Our milkiest nude. Another beautiful earthtone with peach undertones.                                        
image from here
Zoya Mia (would look great on Beyonce)-Another mauve nude. This is a dusty nude that is charming in every way.
image from here
Zoya Lauren(would look great on Rihanna) -A full coverage nude with a little spunk! Strong pink under tones and shimmer.
image from here
Zoya Natalie(would look great on Zooey Deschanel) -This is the optimal color for warm skin tones.It is a medium brown with a nice touch of peach undertones.


image from here

So go ahead - go bare. Zoya Nudes have you covered!

The Zoya Sparkle 2010 Collection is Making Nails Everywhere Beautiful!

Polished Beauty Blog has recently reviewed the entire Zoya Sparkle 2010 Collection for summer! She thinks Zoya Nail Polish in Gilda, Zoya Nail Polish in Mimi, Zoya Nail Polish in Charla, Zoya Nail Polish in Nidhi and Zoya Nail Polish in Ivanka are all  winners, but even though she is a pink lover,  Zoya Nail Polish in Ivanka is her favorite of the collection! " The best polish in the whole collection. The most head turning, envious green metallic foil ever! Even for this pink lover, Ivanka made a believer out of me. It is hands down the best green I've ever seen and I am so glad to own it!"-Polished Beauty Blog
Polished Beauty Blog also shows how easy it is so to remove these glittery polishes in a short little video here and read her full review here! There is however, one more blog that found Zoya Nail Polish in Ivanka ( The Mother of all Greens lol) Amazing!
Nouveau Cheap just reviewed Zoya Nail Polish in Ivanka and had this to say, " If you're a green nail polish lover, then I probably don't need to tell you about Zoya Ivanka. This shade is part of Zoya's Sparkle Collection and it is easily the most gorgeous green polish I own." - Noveau Cheap

You can read Nouveau's full post here! By the way If you don't have any of the polishes from the Zoya Sparkle 2010 Collection go to and remember the Zoya Polish Exchange is still going on until June 30th!

Zoya and Zoya Nail Polish visit Dubai for Beautyworld ME

The girls from SATC girls weren't the only ones making a desert debut this week...

Areej Sultan Al-Essa and Zoya Reyzis enjoy their time together at the Art of Beauty (makers of Qtica and Zoya) booth during Beautyworld Middle East (ME) in Dubai this week.

At the show attendees were given the opportunity to try the complete line of nail treatments and beauty products from Zoya and Qtica.

Show Profile:
Beautyworld Middle East is the largest international trade fair for beauty products, cosmetics, perfumery, wellness and spas in the Middle East. Now in its 15th year, it is the most successful beauty event in the region. As the largest event of its kind, it ensures direct access to over 650 exhibitors from 45 countries with over 15000 trade visitors expected from 100 countries. There is no other exhibition in the Middle East that delivers the same quality and variety of buyers and distributors. Beautyworld Middle East has played a major role in contributing to the growth and development of the beauty and wellness industry in the Middle East.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beauty Lovers - Here's your chance to do something to help with the oil spill!

NEWS FLASH: Did you know that hair collects oil. That's right beauties - you can make a difference!

yente amanda

Ft. Walton Beach, FL ......................................... Mobile, AL  Images from

Booms are being made all along the Gulf Coast. And on local levels, municipalities from all over the world are working out how to set up collection and boom storage at their own harbors for the other 2,600 smaller spills on average every year! Your donations can help. Find out more here... tell them Zoya Nail Polish sent you!

Pretty Little Liars love Zoya Nail Polish

The stars of the new ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars look beautiful in Zoya Nail Polish and Zoya Hot Lips (Lip Balm).
The Makeup Department of the show tells us that the Nail Polish colors of choice so far are Zoya Nail Polish in Adina, Suvi, Lael, Luna and Robyn (Robyn is one of Zoya's best blue nail polishes ever!). Along with the ever changing character fashions, nail polish color switches happen frequently too. Our insider tells us cast and crew alike are becoming fast friends of Zoya Remove + (a recent Editors favorite nail polish remover) and Zoya Hurry Up our best selling polish drying drops.

Zoya Hot Lips (Lip Gloss) in Minx, Heiress and Brodys Girl have also been popular on set.

So keep your eyes on the nails and lips of the beautiful cast - They are wearing Zoya Color! Zoya is the new color of fashion!

See Zoya on the Pretty Little Liars - Premieres Tuesday June 8th on ABC Family.
Images ABC Family.

Zoya Nail Polish is a Winner in Solvenia!

Cosmopolitan (Solvenia) has just put out their beauty awards and Zoya Nail Polish is proud to be awarded the number 1 beauty product spot!!

Here is a web translation of the content, " Winner: Zoya nail lacquers (€ 12.90) Received numerous awards for outstanding durability, superior quality and kindness to humans and the environment. Zoya was the first nail polish brand to create non-toxic nail polish formulas with the removal of ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene, and phthalates (DBP), for which there is evidence of risk factors to our health. Thus they are suitable nail polishes for pregnant women and health conscious consumers."

Zoya is honored to be considered one of the best nail polishes out there! The above picture shows the Zoya Flash Collection, for Flash and more awarding winning Zoya Nail Polish colors check out!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zoya Nail Polish announces two new nail color collections for Fall 2010

Zoya Nail Polish is pleased to announce our two newest fashion nail color collections...

Zoya Wicked and Wonderful (Fall 2010)

Six new metallics and creams for fall 2010. Zoya is the new color of fashion!

Zoya Wicked Nail Color Collection
Edyta (ZP525) - fern green sparkling metallic
Julieanne (ZP526) - byzantium purple sparkling metallic
Cheryl (ZP527) - chocolate bronze sparkling metallic
Karina (ZP528) - garnet red sparkling metallic
Carrie Ann (ZP529) - venetian red sparkling metallic
Kym (ZP530) - cardinal mauve sparkling metallic

Zoya Wonderful Nail Color Collection
Kelly (ZP519) - paynes gray cream
Stacy (ZP520) - mahogany red cream (shown)
Burke (ZP521) - sienna red cream
Kristi (ZP522) - crimson red cream
Cola (ZP523) - desert sand red cream
Shawn (ZP524) - myrtle green cream

Stay tuned this official Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments Blog and for a color preview coming soon. Zoya Wicked and Wonderful will be available July 1, 2010

Zoya Nail Polish on Disney!

Twitter is a lovely thing for many reason, but the biggest reason is that it helps our customers interact with us and recently we had one customer tell us something pretty exciting. R3Daily (follow her here ) has a daughter who watches Wizards of Waverly Place and she recognized our bottle!

It is from season two so this is not brand new, but it still really exciting! We just wanted to say a big thank you to R3daily and her daughter for letting us know such a cool thing. R3daily also just wrote a great blog post on Zoya Nail Polish in MarryJ and Zoya Nail Polish in Brizia. Check it out here!

Zoya Nail Polish is a Record Breaker!

 Eileen Smith from the Courier Post in New Jersey just reviewed the Zoya Flash 2010 Collection and she loves it!!
Not only did she get to try Zoya Nail Polish, but she also got her hands on the Zoya Color Lock System!

"Zoya lasted six days without a chip, a record for me and twice as long as my polish usually lasts. Next, I’ll try Jancyn, a shade that reminds me of a juicy tangerine. In all, Zoya offers more than 300 colors, in finishes ranging from matte velvet to sparkly."-Courier Post

To see all of our amazing 300+ colors and that nice juicy tangerine color (Zoya Nail Polish in Jancyn) go to!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Zoya Pedis All Around!

 This Month's issue of People Style Watch did an entire story on pedicures featuring Kristen Cavallari and Zoya Nail Polish!
Help you nails looks amazing with summer color like Zoya Nail Polish Robyn! With that turquoise blue your feet will definitely look fabulous, but if you want your feet to feel uber good check out Smart Spa. Exfoliate your feet with Smart Spa Sugar Scrubs, Soak your feet in Smart Spa Triple Action Soaks, and make them smooth as butter with Smart Spa Lotions. There are 13 scents to chose from and each will make your feet feel like pampered princesses!

Zoya Flash Collection is becoming a Youtube Star!

Thanks to PurseBuzz there are more Zoya Nail Polish Flash Collection swatches up on Youtube!

You can see Zoya Nail Polish in Perrie, Zoya Nail Polish in Dana, Zoya Nail Polish in Robyn, Zoya Nail Polish in Jancyn, Zoya Nail Polish in Jolene, and Zoya Nail Polish in Maura in action here! Oh and follow pursebuzz and Zoya Nail Polish on Twitter!

Zoya Nail Polish is Heating up in Finland

You know what makes everyone happy? Zoya Nail Polish. It is even making people happy in Finland with one of the happiest pinks of all! Zoya Nail Polish in Happi!

 This is a soft pink that's duochrome finish adds that wow factor! For more Powerful Pink Polishes check out!

Zoya Nail Polish in Body + Soul

Body + Soul Magazine believes  you should indulge is sweet colors like Zoya Nail Polish in Jolene this summer! For more summer Pinks, Reds, and Oranges go to!

How can you find the perfect Zoya Nail Polish shade for you?  Donna Perillo owner of Sweet Lily Salon says, "' Look for ones ( Nail Polish) that pop against your skin tone"