Friday, April 30, 2010

Zoya Nail Polish is Fashion Forward in Nail Pro

Zoya Nail Polish was BIG at New York Fashion Week this year and the Nail Pro's May 2010 issue highlighted all of the nails that made NYFW even more glamorous.
" ' I noticed that more and more designers are willing to be more creative when it comes to the nails, and they're paying more attention to nails than in the pat. Nails were colored whimsical and edgy. I  hope it continues moving forward.' " -Sunshine Outing, manicurist for Zoya who did the nails at Toni Maticevski and Thuy.

InStyle Magazine shows you the smart way to be beautiful (and green)!

There is no need to sacrifice beauty for brains....
In it's recent "10 ways to Green Your Beauty Routine" article, InStyle Magazine put the focus on great color with a healthy formula - Zoya Nail Polish. Proving that Zoya's Adina and Reece are as smart as they are beautiful!

Zoya Swatches on Flickr

Look at all those beautiful Zoya Nail Polish swatches... Flicker Post by makeupmasla
Thanks! This is great tool to use when working on your Zoya Nail Polish Exchange picks!

Zoya Nail Polish Fairy Control

A couple of the Zoya Nail Polish Fairies were flitting about and getting into a bit of trouble today... One was so bad that her wings were taken away by the Fairy Enforcer!!!

Zoya Nail Polish in Australia

Zoya Nail Polish's Truth or Dare collection for Fall has made it's way to Australia,( It is Fall in Australia), and a website for the Professional Spas and Salons in Australia - loves it.

“ 'Whilst the Matte nail trend is in full fashion force this season, high shine, metallic shades in coppery reds, golds and pink juxtaposed against edgy shades of purple, plum, sapphire and jade are also some of the hottest hues of the season. ' ”-  Sharon Mazzeo, Zoya Nail Polish Distributor for Australia.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nail Color Layering Zoya Nail Polish Style!

Looking to add a bit of zing to your bling? Layer a sheer  "Zoya Glamsicles" nail color (Zoya Southbeach Ice, Zoya Vegas Freeze, Zoya Soho Punch, Zoya OC Cooler, Zoya Manhattan Mixer, Zoya LA Pop) over Zoya Luna UltraGlitter to get this fun summer glitter nail look.

 ...and while we are talking layering, try adding the "Zoya Glamsicles" gang over a dark color too -  (Try Zoya Raven). Experiment and have fun!

Thanks to My Lucid Bubble for this fun post on layering over darks...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zoya Swatch Till You Drop

There are 300 plus Zoya Nail Polish colors. So it's understandable that you might become overwhelmed when trying to find the colors that are right for you, but never fear there are lots of bloggers out there to help you! Recently many bloggers have been posting  Zoya swatches to help people pick out the colors they want for the Zoya Polish Exchange, but you can use this wonderful resource to help you at anytime.  Here are three blogs that have stepped up their game,

First is Scrangie-  She swatched 34 colors. Below is Zoya Anne and Zoya Brie. You can see the others here.
 Secondly is Nail Fanatic- She swatched 7 colors. Below is Zoya Charity and Zoya Alix. You can see the rest here.
Thirdly is Laquer Laine- She swatched 29 colors. Below is Zoya Savita and Zoya Posh. You can see the rest here.
All of the fairies want to give a big thank you to the above bloggers and all of the other bloggers who are showing great Zoya Nail Polish swatches!

Zoya Flash and Sparkle - recent blogger coverage

Zoya Ivanka is one of the six captivating beauties in the Zoya Sparkle Summer 2010 Collection, so it comes to no surprise that beauty blogger KarlaSugar can't keep her eyes off it.

"I wore Ivanka to go swatching last weekend, and I could not stop admiring my nails in the sunlight. It was like arriving at the Emerald City.  Of course, Ivanka looks even more remarkable in person (such an amazing and intensely green flash!)" - The Next Best Thing To Going Shopping Yourself 

Blogger for  The Shades of  U just got a hold of the Zoya Flash Summer 2010 Collection and she is majorly in love with how fun the colors are. 

" I have a few of their collections in my nail polish stash, but when I saw the Flash collection, I just had to have it, so I bought this set on the Zoya website. I am such a sucker for cream polishes and the colors are so bright and cheerful, they really do scream 'summer!'." - The Shades Of U

You can read her thoughts and see her swatches on Zoya Robyn, Zoya Jancyn, Zoya Dana, Zoya Jolene, Zoya Perrie, and Zoya Maura here.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to use Zoya Color Lock System

The Polish Exchange is underway and once you receive your Zoya Nail Polish it is important that you know how to get the best wear out of your polish. The Zoya Color Lock System is specifically designed with Zoya Nail Polish in mind and will help your polish last as long as possible with 5 simple steps:

1. Zoya Remove +
 How to use: Thoroughly saturate a cotton ball or pad with Zoya Remove+, firmly press pad to nail for a few seconds and wipe until existing polish is completely removed and nail bed is clean. Remove surface oils from clean nails and prepare nails for new color by wiping each nail with Zoya Remove+.

2. Zoya Anchor
How to use: Apply one coat to clean, prepped nails. This will form a bond between the nail plate and polish, which will prevent peeling and chipping.


2. Zoya Get Even
How to use:  This is an optional basecoat - If your nails are uneven it will fill the nail surface with a dense fiber-like formula that grips to the nail creating a smooth surface. Apply one coat to clean, prepped nails.

3. Zoya Nail Professional Nail Lacquer
How to use: Apply two coats of Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer on top of Zoya Anchor Basecoat/ Zoya Get Even Ridge Filling Basecoat

4. Zoya Armor
How to use: Apply one coat over Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer. This protects nails from yellowing UV rays and keeps your nail color strong. Re-apply every two days for extended color wear.
5. Zoya Fast Drops
How to use: Apply one drop to base of each nail, tilt hand and allow product to spread naturally. Polish will dry in just five minutes. This drys polish faster and increases color vibrancy. To extend your color up to two weeks, apply over Zoya Armor Topcoat every two days.

Zoya Nail Polish is Part of a Kind Life

 Alicia Silverstone is a Hollywood actress that almost everyone knows for her roles in Batman and Robin and Clueless, but what you may have not known is that she is super conscientious about the way she lives. She believes in living life to the fullest and healthiest. Her new website, The Kind Life, is her way of sharing information to help others live healthy and happy. Zoya Nail Polish is a part of Alicia's healthy lifestyle, because it allows her to wear great polish without put harmful toxins in her body. Alicia goes to Recess Salon in Los Angeles and Sweet Lilly Salon in New York City, because they  are both eco-friendly salons that carry non-toxic products, including Zoya.

"Both of these salons use Zoya vegan polishes.  Zoya polishes work just as well as the toxic stuff.  I avoid nail polish that contains dibutyl phthalate/DBP (a substance that was banned from most nail polishes in the US in 1996), formaldehyde (a carcinogen), and toluene (a liquid that smells like paint thinner, and can cause neurological harm if inhaled)… not good for you!! These are all toxins that could affect your nervous system, and cause serious health problems." - The Kind Life

Monday, April 26, 2010

Zoya Nail Polish is the Perfect Accessory for your Shoes

We all know that shoes are a great accessory and it is also important to know that that perfect pair should never be marred by a less than desireable pedicure (or even worse - no pedicure at all!). PrettyCity understands that, and they have paired some of this seasons hottest sandals with the hottest nail shades, which naturally includes Zoya Nail Polish

Zoya Nidhi was paired with Christian Louboutins' and Zoya Jancyn with Hale Bob's white jellies. We think they are both matches made in Happy Feet Heaven!

People Magazine and People StyleWatch are lovin' Zoya Nail Polish this week!

The most recent issues of People StyleWatch and People Magazine have hit the news stands and Zoya Nail Polish is right there with them. People StyleWatch is feeling the metallic celebrity nail trend... the fab beauty editors StyleWatch think Zoya Trixie is a great way to create the popular foil finish look with adding some shimmer to make it "extra-fun" while Zoya Perrie from the Flash Summer 2010 collection is  noted by the beauty crew at People as a fun nail color,

All we have to say is; They like us, they really like us! The feeling is mutal :)