Friday, March 26, 2010

Tia Williams of rejuvenates her polish with Zoya Renew

Have you visited out Shake Your Beauty on You Tube yet? The lovely Tia Williams, Beauty Editor of, brings you her expert insider insight into the hottest beauty products on the market today. Here she demonstrates how easy and economically smart using Zoya Renew - Polish Rejuvenator to bring your thickened nail polish back to life is.

Zoya Renew is a unique thinner specifically designed resolve thickening of complex toluene, formaldehyde and DBP FREE formulations of nail polishes, top coats and base coats. As polishes are opened and closed, vital solvents evaporate causing thickening and reduction of product efficacy. Now there’s no need to throw away thickened polishes, top coats or base coats. Unlike traditional thinners, which were designed for outdated polish formulas that were loaded with toluene, formaldehyde and DBP, Zoya Renew is designed to work with Big 3 Free Formulas. (NOTE: If you use a traditional thinner to thin out your polish, you may actually be destroying your polish).

Using Zoya Renew saves your polish and it saves you money since your polishes, base coats and top coats can now last up to 50% longer.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

InStyle Magazine loves Zoya Anaka

Featured in InStyle's 20 Shades We Love online is Zoya Anaka. Anaka is not your typical pink - InStyle classifies it as a "Loud Pink", and we couldn't agree more.  Anaka screams pink, fuschia, and purple all together creating a bold pink that will WOW all.

Bloggers put their spin on the Flash Collection by Zoya Nail Polish

Proving once again that Zoya is the New Color of Fashion and ahead of the curve... nail polish blogs Scrangie and All Lacquered Up recently reviewed the Zoya Flash Collection for Summer 2010  AKA the freshest look in nail color - bold but not neon, fruity but not pastel.
" So... they're not quite neon but they're not pastel either. I'm glad to see that they didn't go with the flow and to the neon/pastel route! I've really been into my pastels lately but I'm very happy to see something fresh."

"Flash, the second summer collection from Zoya is a set of six glossy cremes that feel very candy-ish.  Like a companion set to one of my fave Zoya collections, Candy, from a few summers ago.  Couldn’t you just see all those shades as big glossy jawbreakers in a candy machine? "
All Lacquered Up

You can see the entire Flash Collection: Jancyn, Maura, Jolene, Dana, Perrie, and Robyn in both Scrangie's review here and All Lacquered Up's here.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All Lacquered Up and Scrangie review Sparkle Collection by Zoya Nail Polish

 The Zoya Sparkle and Flash Collection for Summer 2010 is starting to hit the web. First up is the Sparkle Collection and All Lacquered Up as well as Scrangie had the honor of reviewing this crowd-stopping collection first.
"What makes the Sparkle collection stand out amongst other colors in this genre is the pigmentation. The problem with glitter polishes is that if the base gets too thick with pigment, the glitter fades to the background or leaves you with a chunky, bumpy mess.  So it’s a fine balance and Zoya has definitely toed the line."
 All Lacquered Up

"Overall, AWESOME!!! GLITTER!!!! It's like Zoya has been spying on all of us and seeing how excited we get about colorful glitters. I love seeing glitters in bold, vibrant colors. These definitely fit the bill for bold and vibrant! And they're uber-sparkly. I'd even say they're more sparkly than the winter Ultra-Glitters. I'm a happy camper."

You can see the entire Sparkle Collection: Mimi, Nidhi, Charla, Ivanka, Gilda, and Alegra in both Scrangie's review here and All Lacquered Up's here.