Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Zoya Glitter Nail Polish - Zoya Ultra Glitters!

Get Lasting Sparkle with Zoya Ultra Glitters! 

Step into the spotlight with Ultra Glitter Nail Polishes by Zoya. Give in to your inner rock goddess with  Zoya Nova.This royal fuchsia-purple is packed with dark and light pink glitter. Amp up your look with Zoya Luna. This silver glitter polish will dazzle you! Warning, the light dancing off of your nails may be distracting.  Looking for a more subtle way to turn heads this winter? Try Zoya Astra. Deep pink hues with pink glitter make Astra a must have! Zoya Ultra Glitters make great gifts. All three are stunning on many skin tones! Add lasting sparkle to your winter look or give it to the sparkling personalities in your life! Ready to get lasting sparkle? Purchase Zoya Ultra Glitters and other wonderful colors at Zoya.com!

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