Friday, September 17, 2010

Zoya - More Color Spoon Love!!

Blogger Scandalously Polished is loving Zoya Color Spoons! You can see Zoya LC, Zoya Andi, Zoya Carmen, Zoya Ruby and Zoya Nidhi Color Spoons in action!  She writes:

"Can I tell you what I love *most* about these spoons? Back in 2003 I got a manicure at the salon I worked at at the time. It was this totally baller orange-red. I never asked the name, and didn't buy a bottle because I didn't think. I loved that red. LOVED. I've looked at Zoya's website probably 100 times, and bought quite a few reds I *thought* could be *that* red. They never were.

Now I can buy a load of spoons (shipping on the spoons is free, I believe), FINALLY find the correct color, and apply some of the price of the spoons to the purchase of that red that has eluded me for 7 stinkin years. Zoya, y'all are brilliant!"

Thanks Scandalously!  We are so happy Zoya Color Spoons helped you find your perfect red!

Read the whole review here

And remember to keep on Spoonin'!

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