Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zoya Color Spoon BlogRoll

We just can't stop spooning and either can the bloggers! Scandalously Polished just reviewed the Zoya Color Spoons and this is what she had to say......
"I think it is a pretty cool concept, considering how online color drops can sometimes be misleading. These are actual drops of the polish so you will know EXACTLY what you're getting. I think it is a great idea for salons as well, because you can buy the entire range of Zoya colors in the spoon form, and then decide what colors you want to carry without having to invest in an entire line"- Scandalously Polished

Other bloggers who think the Zoya Color Spoons are a great idea are Body and Soul, Polished and Konad, and Va-Va-Varnish

Go here to start spooning yourself! 

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