Monday, September 6, 2010

Scrangie Spoon Step By Step

Scrangie has now got her hands on 6 beautiful red spoons in Zoya Nail Polish in Andi, Zoya Nail Polish in Nidhi, Zoya Nail Polish in Jade, Zoya Nail Polish in Carmen, Zoya Nail Polish in LC and Zoya Nail Polish in Ruby.
 Scrangie breaks it down super simply and shows how convenient the Zoya Color Spoons are.

"I think this is an awesome idea for online polish shoppers and I wouldn't be surprised to see other companies 'borrowing' this idea in the future. It's way more useful than that completely inaccurate color picker with the photoshopped hand that you see on some other salon brand polish websites. You get to see the actual color, in person, against your very own skin."-Scrangie

You can read here full review here.

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