Monday, August 30, 2010

Salon Spotlight: Beachy Toes

Today we have a California salon that brings a whole new meaning to having the perfect beach manicure, Beachy Toes!
This salon is filled with beach inspired things - from surf boards to beachy towel stripes and they even carry the perfect nail polish, Zoya Nail Polish!!!
Their top Zoya color is Zoya Nail Polish in Robyn! They say " has been by far the most popular color for toes and as far the ultimate beachy look..." They also have been doing a fun look with Zoya Robyn as the base color and then they use Zoya Nail Polish in Pippa as polka dots!

Beachy Toes is located on the Pacific Coast Highway 101 in northern San Diego, so go check it out and tell us how it was!

 p.s. That is their salon manager who is just as cute as the salon!!

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