Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Pretty Little Liars Finale

The Pretty Little Liars Finale is tonight on ABC family at 8PM EST. We are super excited to see what is going to happen tonight. Will we find out who "A" is? Will we discover what happened to Toby? Will Mr. Fitz get hotter? (Like that is even possibly) We don't know the answers to those questions but we do know it is no secret that the cast of Pretty Little Liars loves Zoya Nail Polish!

In honor of the end of a first successfully season of Pretty Little Liars we bring you our own Pretty Little Star - Zoya Nail Polish in Aria. Zoya Aria is a raspberry pink beauty with tiny pink sparkles, an ultimate girl color that would look great on the Aria herself. Hopefully we will spot some Zoya Nail Polish on the girls tonight!

*Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family and it's associated companies are not affiliated with Zoya. This is not an attempt to imply their endorsement of Zoya. Image for entertainment purposes only.

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