Friday, July 2, 2010

Zoya Nail Polish Gets a 4 Leaf Rating!

Yoli Ouiya is all about being Eco-chic and Zoya Nail Polish definitely falls under that category. Having pretty feet this summer is a must and the Zoya Color Lock System can make that happen!
Their blogger goes through every single step and explains each of the 6 products in the system: Zoya Remove+, Zoya Anchor base coat, Zoya Armor top coat, Zoya HurryUp drying drops, Zoya Renew, and Zoya Get Even.

" So after all this, my nails survived an amazing 11 days before I had to do any reapplication. I was astounded considering other nail polishes in the past only last maybe 3-4 days at most, with chipping."

  She is also in love with our polishes, "I have been wearing the color Alegra from the Sparkle Collection religiously and have received lots of compliments. The ease of application and consistency of the colors and texture make it a new fav. Ladies, get your green feet together with Zoya."

You can read the full article here.

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