Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zoya Nail Polish is a Record Breaker!

 Eileen Smith from the Courier Post in New Jersey just reviewed the Zoya Flash 2010 Collection and she loves it!!
Not only did she get to try Zoya Nail Polish, but she also got her hands on the Zoya Color Lock System!

"Zoya lasted six days without a chip, a record for me and twice as long as my polish usually lasts. Next, I’ll try Jancyn, a shade that reminds me of a juicy tangerine. In all, Zoya offers more than 300 colors, in finishes ranging from matte velvet to sparkly."-Courier Post

To see all of our amazing 300+ colors and that nice juicy tangerine color (Zoya Nail Polish in Jancyn) go to!

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