Friday, June 4, 2010

At Zoya being nude is nothing to be shy about!

Naked is beautiful at Zoya Nail Polish. Think about it, just as a nude shoe elongates the leg and amps up sex appeal, a manicured nude nail extends the hand to make fingers looks longer, youthful and lovely. Zoya Nail Polish has a huge selection of full coverage (not sheer) nudes, which are always in style and a huge fashion trend right now (mannequin hands). The secret to the look is finding the nude nail polish that perfectly matches your unique skin. Below are a few all class and no flash color suggestions from the nail polish experts at Zoya.
  Zoya Gretchen(would look great on Penelope Cruz )  -This is a light, milky brown that has a slight pink undertone. A soft earthy color that goes extremely well with fair and deep skin tones.

Zoya Helen(would look great on Lady Gaga) -A light nude with peach undertones

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Zoya Amanda(would look great on Angelina Jolie)- This is one mauve nude. It contains pink, brown, and peach muted under tones.

Zoya Flowie(would look great on Amanda Seyfried) -Our milkiest nude. Another beautiful earthtone with peach undertones.                                        
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Zoya Mia (would look great on Beyonce)-Another mauve nude. This is a dusty nude that is charming in every way.
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Zoya Lauren(would look great on Rihanna) -A full coverage nude with a little spunk! Strong pink under tones and shimmer.
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Zoya Natalie(would look great on Zooey Deschanel) -This is the optimal color for warm skin tones.It is a medium brown with a nice touch of peach undertones.


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So go ahead - go bare. Zoya Nudes have you covered!

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