Friday, May 28, 2010

The Zoya Polish Exchange is Awesome!

Blogger for Sophistishe just participated in the Zoya Polish Exchange and she loved it so much she is thinking of doing it again!

 "I’ve used three of the colors so far; Creamy, Tosca, and Robin. The Creamy color was a bit too bright to use on my entire nail. I will probably use it to stencil my nails my nails from now on. Tosca and Robin both went on smoothly and all I really needed was ONE coat! The Tosca lasted a week before it started to show significant signs of wear. I painted my nails in Robin last Wednesday. It’s still fresh. I’m so glad I decided to take advantage of the Zoya Nail Polish Exchange, I am very happy with the quality of Zoya so far and I’m actually itching to do another exchange."-Sophistishe

Sophistishe even explains how the Polish Exchange works so check out her blogpost here. Remember the Polish Exchange ends June 30th so you still have plenty of time to participate! 

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