Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Zoya Nail Polish in the Philippines!

In Manila, Philippines there is a wonderful salon called Organic Rituals Nail and Body Spa. It is wonderful for many reasons: it's awesome decor, organic practices, and they use ZOYA NAIL POLISH!!!

If you are in Manila this a salon you must check out. They offer amazing service in an ideal spa environment. Shen's Addiction says, "This place exuded a homey feel. I love how soft the couch is but isn't eating me all up. The aroma from the reed diffuser (which is made here in the Philippines), gives the spa feel that I always look for whenever I go to a nail salon. I love the bright colors of the interior and how intimate yet roomy the place is"

You know what makes this Salon even better? They sell Zoya Nail Polish!! You can get all of Organic Rituals Nail and Body Spa infromation at Shen's Addiction, here!

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