Thursday, May 20, 2010

Top Secret Product Innovation from Zoya Nail Polish - behind the scenes

The one, the only, Zoya Reyzis (AKA Founder of Zoya Nail Polish) actually painted my nails today! I know - I know - WOW! Now Zoya doesn't just do anyones nails - she's way too busy for that - it's only on a rare, revolutionary occasion that one would be given such an honor. LUCKY ME! The actual purpose of my once in a lifetime opportunity was because I am part of a top secret test group here at Art of Beauty (makers of Zoya and Qtica) who are participating in a revolutionary product test. All I can say is... no gels, acrylics or UV products are involved!!! No special equipment (lamps) needed either. Awesome - Amazing - Thanks Zoya. OMG so easy too - even a caveman could do it (Sorry Geico).

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