Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kickoff Your Summer with Zoya Nail Polish

 Memorial Day is coming up and that means something great....SUMMER! Summer is finally here and as every girl knows one must have the perfect Summer bikini, sandals, dress, and nails. The Polish Fairies may not be able to help you when it comes to picking out your bikini, but we have a ton of Summer nail colors that will put a major smile on your face!

  First up is our most recent Summer collection, Sparkle and Flash. Both collections scream summer. Flash is made up of 6 vibrant cream colors: Zoya Jolene, Zoya Dana, Zoya Robyn ( can anyone say swimming pool?), Zoya Perrie, Zoya Jancyn, and Zoya Maura.

Sparkle is made up of 6 enchanting sparkles that will dance you into those summer evenings: Zoya Alegra, Zoya Nidhi, Zoya Charla, Zoya Gilda, Zoya Ivanka, and Zoya Mimi.
You can visit many blogs with swatches of Sparkle and Flash. The above image is from Little Music Boxes, but there are more swatches at Scrangie and Babbling Brooke.

Next we have Zoya's Oh-La-la and La-Di-Da Collection. These two collections will give your nails some much needed Summer loving. La-Di-Da ( above) is made up of 6 bright creams that will brighten up every Summer day: Zoya Pippa, Zoya America, Zoya Dita, Zoya Renee, Zoya Ali, and Zoya Paz. Oh-La-la (below) is made up of 6 intriguing metallic polishes that will definitely spice things up: Zoya Ginessa, Zoya Emme, Zoya Katy, Zoya Goldie, Zoya Midori, and Zoya Tallulah.

 You can see swatches of Oh-La-La at and swatches of La-Di-Da at clumpsofmascara. You can also check out 300+ more colors at! Happy Summer!

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